Wednesday, October 5, 2011

sweaty wednesday: roller derby debut

10-1 7
#80 - "Kyssing Kaos"

Well, it happened.  My very first roller derby bout came and went just like that.  While my team lost (by a mere 20 points, which is pretty close in derby standards), I had a blast and can't wait to give it another go!

I can't even begin to tell you how nervous I was!  It's been about 13 years since I've played sports in front of people and about twice that long since I've played a new sport!  My head swirled all week with possible derby scenarios and the fear that I would just forget everything and make a fool of myself.  It was kind of a blessing that it fell on the heels of a busy weekend, so that I didn't have too much time to think about it.  Until I got out there, that is.  During the national anthem, I could feel every organ, from my throat to the depths of my stomach, squirming with anticipation.

As we lined up for the first jam, I could feel everything trembling and I could barely see straight my mind was racing so fast.  Within the first minute or so of play, I found myself in the penalty box.  Oops... In my defense, I was called on a low-block (i.e. tripping opposing players), but there wasn't much I could do since I was laying in a heap on the track when it all happened.  Once I got the first run out of my system, then I was up to jam.  Yikes!  Again, I could feel my legs shaking with nerves.  They blew the double whistle, and I was off!  I have no idea how many points I scored in the first half of the game, but I was pretty proud of how I played.  I managed to snag lead jammer more than once, got whipped around the corner by a teammate and landed a great hit on an opposing player.  I felt pretty awesome.  If only the game stopped there...

The second half was a little different.  Remember that great hit I got in?  It pretty much put an "X" on my back.  It was the head coach and incidentally, the biggest hitter in our league.  And I'm pretty sure that knocking me on my ass is one of her top five favorite pastimes.  Holy moly, did I get laid out.  Like, repeatedly.  The first couple of times isn't so bad, when you still have the energy to get up and get around her.  But after that, every fall takes exponentially more energy to recover from and the spiral into tired despair quickens.  I did get up after every single hit, though - and played my heart out.  I learned a lot, too.  I really need to learn to (or more accurately, remember to) hit back.  And even when you think the tank is empty, there's always a little something left - I need to draw on every last drop of energy to push myself that little bit extra.

I'm lucky enough to be playing in a scrimmage with our travel team in a couple of weeks and look forward to getting back out there.  Until then, it's all ice packs and ibuprofen up in this piece!

10-1 1
Warming up with my fellow Pennsyltucky Punishers.
10-1 2
Heading out to pivot.
10-1 3
Booty. Blocking.
10-1 4
Heading out to jam.
10-1 5
This was right after being in the penalty box.  I'm pretty sure I'm not nearly this ferocious!
10-1 6
Waiting in the line-up.
10-1 8
Time out!
10-1 9
Holding the line.
10-1 10
Talking strategy.
10-1 11
Waiting for the whistle.
I think the best part of the whole night was getting to share with my parents and friends the wonders of roller derby.  (Okay, that and the giant beer and mac and cheese I nearly inhaled afterwards!)  Thank you so much to everyone who came out.  Keep supporting local roller derby!!!

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