Saturday, November 5, 2011

back in time

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Aaaand, I'm back.  Life has just been a bit too busy lately.  I've been working on a big fundraising event for the last couple of months, and as fun as it was, I'm incredibly glad to say it's over.  And it was successful.  Unfortunately, with that, added responsibilities at work and working hard to get my own endeavors off the ground, my poor blog has fallen victim to my incessant over-extending.  And I hate that!  I love blogging, so I feel so bummed out when life takes over and I'm left with no energy to muster up a worthwhile post.  Blerg.

Okay, enough with the whiney pants routine.  Let's talk about another kind of pants ... the kind you can wear under a dress!

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When I was in college and shortly thereafter, I was obsessed with wearing skirts and dresses over pants.  And I mean obsessed!  And it wasn't just skirts and dresses.  My penchant for quirky layering extended into my undergarments in the means of slips.  Yes, slips over pants.  In copious amounts.  It drove my grandmother insane and is just another of many reasons I'm so thankful my college career preceeded Facebook.  And fashion blogs.

When I first started seeing the returning trend of dresses over pants, my immediate thought was "been there, over-done that."  And then Wednesday night happened.  While I was putting together an outfit for Thursday, I found myself mindlessly throwing this dress over these black flares.  And oh my, I loved the outcome.  I'd like to think it's a much more grown-up and sophisticated version of my previous fashion slip-ups (no pun intended ... okay, maybe a little).  And in case you're keep track, this in the third reincarnation of this little dress!

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11-3-11 6
Knit moto jacket via Ross, $10 (get the look) - Sears dress, $15 (get the look) - Target pants, $20 (get them here)
Jeffrey Campbell shoes, Gilt credit (get the look) - DIY fringe necklace (first seen here)

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