Wednesday, November 9, 2011

dressed up easy

11-9-11 1

Black on black, orange to kick it up and leopard to finish it off.  Easy enough, but with that drapey bow and those tuxedo lapels, this ended up looking a lot more pulled together and stepped up than it felt.  I love when that happens!

11-9-11 2
11-9-11 3
11-9-11 4

It's been quite an interesting week in these parts.  If you read the news at all and have any inkling where I live, then you know why.  At any rate, we're in the midst of what will arguably go down as the most notorious collegiate sport scandal of all time.  It's the most tragic and saddening situation, and it's pulling a lot of people down with it.  The disheartening unfolding of events is hanging like a dark cloud over the community.  Here's hoping truth and justice reign and that this little ole' town can pick up, re-build and move on to a brighter future.  Sigh.

11-9-11 5
Thrifted boys tux jacket, $4ish (get the look) - Vintage pants, $12 (get the look)
Pussy bow blouse, c/o eShakti (get the look) - Old Navy flats, $20 (get the look)

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