Friday, November 25, 2011


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I hope all of you stateside had an amazing Thanksgiving!  My only complaint is that it is too short!  A big thank you to those who sent me all the good luck vibes for Thursday morning's race.  I thought I was going to finish way behind my time from last year, but I didn't!  In fact, I finished with the exact same time - right down to the very last second!  Isn't that wild?!

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Remember that little teaser from a few days ago?  Well, here's the finished product!  I came across this picture in the December issue of Elle and was immediately infatuated with that glorious sweatshirt!

Just not $195+ infatuated.  So, the wheels started turning, and a few hours and $15 later, I had my own!  I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.  For it's maiden voyage, I took it to see The Muppet Movie.  Okay, John took me to see The Muppet Movie, and I took the sweatshirt.  Both were pretty freakin' awesome!  Manamana!

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Leather sleeve hoodie, DIY (get one like it or pay your mortgage and make your own)
Thrifted pants, $2 (get the look) - BC booties, $68 (get your own!)
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