Sunday, November 20, 2011

(need a) brand new bag

Well, I had every intention of posting every single day in November (starting on the 5th) as part of Blogher's National Blog Posting Month ... but alas, I have failed.  Boo.  This weekend, I have a pretty good excuse, though!  It was my birthday, then my second roller derby bout(!), followed by an entire day spent at jammer boot camp (more derby!) - needless to say, I'm exhausted.  But it was all totally worth it!

I've come to realize over the last several weeks that I really need a new bag for derby.  I've been using a very small Gola bag, which looks super cool, but is only big enough to hold my pads and very little else.  This was fine in the summer, but now that I need to take a sweatshirt, shoes/boots and sometimes lots of snacks, I really need to upgrade.  I really don't like giant gym bags, so I've been scouring the internets for something that will suit my needs.  I've stumbled across this Adidas Diablo bag that I think will be perfect.  There's only one problem: what color should I get?

I'm leaning towards the plaid one (our league's colors are sea blue and black), but which one is your favorite?

Dear Santa, It's 20% off with free shipping until tomorrow!  Hint. Hint.

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