Thursday, December 29, 2011

12 in 2012: terra

Another PA blogger for you - Terra from Stylish White Female!
Hey BCCers... Let's light this candle. Here's my 12 for 2012. 
  •  Execute DIYs that I like more often. I usually just say, oh wow, I could do that. And then I watch another episode of Property Brothers.
  • Think bigger than 140 characters. I've found my attention span dwindling over the last four years since I began tweeting. That is dangerous.
  • Be proactive about exploring new music. I usually just rely on my husband and friends to introduce me to new bands.
  • Plan ahead. With a baby, this will become more important than ever. No more seat-of-the-pants flying.
  • Refresh my blog layout and come up with a new way to engage my readers. 
  • Get better about speaking to Stella in French. That child will be bilingual if it kills me.
  • Sew more, including new pieces from scratch and taking in the thrifted items that I purchased a bit big for the sake of practicing taking them in. 
  • Feel comfortable in my post-baby bikini. I'm doing what I need to do in order to tighten up. I just need to mentally get there. 
  • Read more quality literature. This would mostly be books, but can also include magazines {no Cosmo, People or Ok!}, web content and newspapers.
  • Meet at least one internet friend in real life. 
  • Work out at least once a week in the morning. {Related: ignore the voice in my head saying this will never happen.}
  • Mail more cards. It makes me feel good when I receive a hand written note. I have to imagine at least a few people I know feel the same.
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