Friday, December 30, 2011

12 in 2012: yours truly

Since my girls Elissa, Desiree, Jentine and Terra were kind enough to search their minds and hearts for 12 things they were looking forward to in the new year, I thought it only fair that I do the same.  So, here goes nothing...
  • Be more organized.  This year was the first of many that I did not keep a day planner.  Big mistake.  Life is just so much easier when you can write it all down.  My brain can only retain so much and remembering everything that I have to do requires way more energy than I'm willing to give it this year.
  • Take more deep breaths.  And relax.
  • Take myself on a weekly date.  I want to find an hour each week to take myself out for breakfast or lunch or coffee, and use the time to plan, make lists, journal and reflect.  All part of the "be more organized" and "take more deep breaths" movement.
  • Pass my Level 3 roller derby assessments, which means I'll be able to officially bout other leagues.  Yay!
  • Be more aggressive.  I keep myself pretty busy and have a general sense of what I want out of life, but I fear that I don't always push through to see everything I dream of come to fruition.  It's good to be able to re-navigate and re-assess, but sometimes, you just need to buck up and push through a road block.
  • Find what will define my 30's.  My 20's were easily defined by taking chances, claiming my independence, finding love and making mistakes.  While I hope to continue those things into my 30's, I feel like there should be more.  So, I don't know what that will be, but I know I'll keep looking.
  • Go on vacation.  For the love of all things holy, go on vacation.
  • Cut myself some slack.  Period.
  • Run another half marathon.  Wee!
  • Watch more movies.  I've been watching movies like crazy lately.  I almost forgot how much I love them.
  • Keep my house a cleaner, more organized place that fosters creativity and productivity.
  • Find a place away from home to work when my house is an inevitable dirty and disorganized mess.
  • Stay optimistic.  It's been a trying year, and there's been some moments that have really tested my powers to Pollyanna the crap out of anything.  But I'm still here and still happy.  So, here's to more of that!
Oops!  That's 13!  I must be feeling exceptionally ambitious today.
I wish you all a very happy and healthy new year.  365 more days of love, life, smiles, tears, friends, family and new shoes - who's with me?

xoxo, Kyla

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