Thursday, December 15, 2011


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A couple of months back (has it really been that long already?), the lovely Stacey Kay sent this thrifted skirt my way.  She's been hosting several bloggers on Goodwill Huntingg in a "Who wore it better?" series.  It's always fun to see what different people will do with the same garment!

I love the eclectic print on this skirt, but wanted a more interesting drape.  A couple of carefully placed safety pins later, I had the perfect compliment to my knit turban hat.  I didn't even notice until now how they echo each other.

What would you do with this simple skirt?

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Kohl's turtleneck, $3 (get the look) - thrifted skirt, gifted by Stacey Kay (get the look)
BC booties, $68 (get your own) - ASOS hat, $14 (get the look)
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