Friday, December 23, 2011

candy striper

12-20-11 2

I think you could make a fair assumption that stripes are like candy.  Once you get going, it's hard to stop.  And the more you have, the sweeter it gets.  John's take on the look?  "I like your vertical and horizontal stripes."  I'm sure he meant, "You look sweet."  At least that's what I heard.

12-20-11 1
12-20-11 5
12-20-11 3

I don't know when I will be posting over the next week or so.  For the first time in ages, I'm taking 7 whole days off of work.  I cannot wait!  I'm not even going anywhere.  My most exciting plan is to clean my basement.  Really, it's a little disturbing how much I'm looking forward to doing so.

Anyway, stay tuned, because I will have some inspiration and entertainment from a few of my favorite blogging ladies coming your way, starting on Monday.  Until then ...

And thank you for making this year one for the books - I love you guys!

12-20-11 4
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