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I love Christmas.  And I loooove presents.  I love shopping for them.  I love giving them.  And I love receiving them.  What I don't love, though, is the inevitable mountain of used a crumpled wrapping paper that takes over living rooms and garbage cans across the country.  Over the last couple of years, I've gotten really creative when it comes to wrapping gifts.  It's such a great feeling when you can repurpose and re-use items that are already on their way to the garbage, instead of buying all new wrapping supplies.  And let's face it ... the less money spent on wrapping acutrements, the more spent on gifts!  So, here's a few ideas I've been putting into practice:

Dress is up a bit with a shimmery stamp pad and cheap stamps from a craft store.
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Re-use shopping bags and old cards: 
My favorite vintage store uses a plain shopping bag with her store's card inserted in a packing slip holder with top cut off.  It's brilliant, really, and super easy to convert to a present holder.  Simply slide her card out and replace it with an old Christmas card.
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Re-use gift bags and more old cards: 
I dressed up this used gift bag by cutting a few cute phrases and scenes from old greeting cards.  Easy peasy and the right wording can make it something from the heart!
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Have I said re-use shopping bags?
I loved the special Macy's shopping bag I got in NYC a couple of weeks ago.  It had the cutest holiday parade drawings all over it.  Perfect to cut up and use as wrapping paper.
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If it ain't broke...
Don't fix it.  Some stores have packaging that can stand on it's own.  And since I helped to design the logo, this one comes with a little more meaning.
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Um ... more shopping bags: 
I love this one!  So much, in fact, that this is how I wrapped ALL of my gifts a couple of years ago.  Instead of carrying my own bags to the supermarket, I request brown paper bags for a couple of weeks leading up to Christmas.  I love the rustic feel of the craft paper, and cute little ribbons made from ripped holiday fabrics make the perfect finishing touches!
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Some small changes this year can help you stock up for next year, so think about saving your Christmas cards (they also make great tags), holiday shopping bags/gift bags, and ribbons/bows/unripped pieces of wrapping paper.  Remember:  less wrapping stuff = more presents!

Any other creative ideas you've employed in the past?
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