Tuesday, December 20, 2011

kilted lover

12-19-11 1
12-19-11 2

Mmmm...more thrifted goodness.  I think that plaid skirts are the greatest things to thrift.  In fact, I'm acquiring quite a collection!  Most of the time, I score great vintage ones, and 99% of the time, they're much, much higher quality than anything you could buy new.  I wasn't even looking for a skirt at the time, but the bold plaid on this one drew me in immediately, and I just couldn't leave without it.  It was a little big, but I risked throwing it through the wash and even the dryer - and it paid off, because now, it's pretty perfect!

12-19-11 3
12-19-11 4

Oof ... I'm looking a little sleepy in these pictures.  I need to be more diligent about getting more sleep.  I feel so sluggish if I get less than 8 hours and lately, it's been averaging about 6.  No good, man.  No good.  In other news, I think when you start blogging about sleep, it's time to go to bed.

12-19-11 5
12-19-11 6
ASOS sweater, $17 (get the look) - Thrifted vintage skirt, $4 (get the look) - BC booties, $68 (get your own)
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