Thursday, December 22, 2011

last minute gift idea

pots 1
pots 2

My coworkers like to give little gifts to everyone, and like always, I'm behind on picking up something of my own to give as little gifts.  Since I'm not much of a baker, food is out of the question, and I try to avoid giving useless knick-knacks.  So, I'm always racking my brain for something that can be quick, handmade and thoughtful.  This year's idea came after some mindless wandering around the craft store and turned out to be perfect!  And affordable.  The terracotta pots were $1.19 each, plus $2.99 for a paint pen.  I spent a while surfing the internet for quotes about growth, plants and nature and then, carefully selected the ones that best suited each recipient.  Then, I sketched them out with pencil and went over it with paint pen.  Voila!

Any other ideas for gifts like this?  Lord knows I'll need them next year!

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