Thursday, December 1, 2011

technicolor vision

12-1-11 1

I happened to be near an Old Navy yesterday for work, and I couldn't help but slip in during a break.  The weather was colder than I had expected, so I was in search of a sweater ... and came away with a sweater and a dress.  For only 6 bucks (!), I couldn't leave this baby on the rack.

12-1-11 2
12-1-11 3
12-1-11 5

In theory, I feel like this would not be an easy dress to pull off.  Especially for a 5'3" girl with curves.  Maybe I'm hallucinating, but I was surprised to realize that ... well, I like it!  I like it a lot.  Though I think John became a little concerned when I went for the bright socks to finish the look.  Hey, if you're gonna push the limits, then push the limits!

12-1-11 6
Old Navy dress, $6 (get the look) - BC booties, $68 (get your own)
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