Thursday, January 5, 2012

dab of mustard

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A year or so ago, I stocked up on tons of colored tights.  And then, I realized that I don't particularly care for colored tights.  I'll take my leg-slimming black every day, thank you very much.  Luckily, roller derby has me pulling these tights from the depths of my closet once again, and they're managing to work their way back into my daily outfits.  Though this time, I'm using them a little differently.

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While I've worn them in the past with shorter skirts/dresses like here, here and here (okay, so I still really like the maroon), I just can't get completely on board with the look.  I can't help but feel that the look came off a little too young and girly for my current taste.  But - paired with this season's midi length skirts like this wool plaid number (and again here), they're the perfect hint of color to add just a bit more interest (and warmth) to an outfit.  The warmth was a big deal yesterday, because it was cold!  These were the fastest outfit pictures in the history of outfit pictures.  Anyway...

How do you feel about colored tights?  Do you like a little or a lot?

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Lauren Ralph Lauren pussybow blouse, $30 on sale (I LOVE this version) - thrifted skirt, $4 (get the look)
old NY & Co. belt (get the look) - Hue tights, cheap on clearance (my favorite brand of tights by far!)

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