Monday, January 2, 2012

one for the road

12-26-11 1
12-26-11 2

Well, my 9 glorious days of no work, no alarms, no commitments and whole lot of movies, relaxing and household organization have come to a close.  And it's back to reality.  Back to work.  Back to life.  Ho hum.

12-26-11 3
12-26-11 4
12-26-11 5

Before I get back into the full swing of things, here's one more outfit from 2011.  These pictures were taken the day after Christmas, which my mom and I spent tooling around the mall (total bust) and just traveling back to my home.  It's always nice to have that one day to just bum around and hang out.

Whenever I visit my hometown, I can't help seeing everything as a potential backdrop for outfit photos.  Everything is so perfectly rustic and photogenic.  This locale is no exception.  Formerly a coal station, positioned right on the railroad tracks, it's been used for many years as a family warehouse.  You know, the kind that stores all sorts of forgotten treasures.  I still love poking through it whenever I have the chance.  And of course, overalls seemed like the perfect sartorial complement!

12-26-11 6
12-26-11 7
Homemade hat - Trhifted blouse, $2 (get the look) -  Sears cardigan, $10 (get the look - on sale!)
TJMaxx overalls, $15 (get the look) - Nine West loafers, $55ish (get the look - on sale!)
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