Sunday, January 8, 2012

professional details

A few weeks ago, I was invited to participate in the "Present Your Best You" Online Contest hosted by in support of their new Facebook app, recently launched BeKnown as a way to give young people the opportunity to network professionally within the world’s largest and most popular social network, set up a professional profile directly on Facebook that is completely separate from your personal Facebook page, and even conduct a job search of Monster's database of jobs without ever leaving BeKnown or Facebook.

As for my part, I was asked to give my own tips for dressing professionally, whether it be for an interview or building a career in a professional setting.  Living in a college town, it is evident that personal style and professional style are completely disconnected when it comes to young graduates.  Typical daytime dress consists of leggings, sweats and uggs, while a typical night out requires barely there minis, sky-high (barely walk-able) platforms and plunging necklines.  When the semi-annual job fairs roll around, the professional dressing advice doled out by our academic institution leaves a bit to be desired.  The standards consist of a black or navy suit, white or blue oxford, modest pumps in black or navy and minimal jewelry.  While it's a good foundation, it lacks any sort of personality.  And when you're one of a thousand qualified candidates for one position, personality is everything!

I understand the difficulty of combining all these worlds, because I've been there.  While professional clothing can be expensive, the little details don't need to be.  And we all know that it only takes a few small touches to make a big impression.

So, I took the basics and added a few ... footnotes.  After all, details make the difference.

Disclosure: This post is my official entry as a participant in’s “Present The Best You” Online contest. Please also note that I was provided with a participant gift that included a makeup kit and professional business card holder.  All artwork is original, created by myself exclusively for this post.


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