Tuesday, January 24, 2012

secret identity

1-23-12 1

Ugh.  There has been practically zero sunshine around here lately.  Seems fitting, I suppose - given the somber spirit in (not so) Happy Valley this week.  But it sure does make for some icky pictures.

1-23-12 2

I work for only a few short hours on Monday evenings, after which, I have to go directly to derby practice.  Since I'm usually late to begin with (due to work), I've started some secret dressing to make the transition more important.  While it's a little harder in the summer, it's a piece of cake in the winter.  And let's be honest, I can't think of anything less appealing than changing in a cold, dank skate rink bathroom in the middle of winter!  So, strategically slipping a sports bra and booty shorts under my work attire has been an all around lifesaver.  The best part? - Every time I get to practice, I feel like Clark Kent slipping into the nearest phone booth as I take on my after hours identity.

Super nerd alert, huh?

1-23-12 3
 Sears bomber, $25 (get the look) - BonTon sweater, $8 (get the look)
Lauren Ralph Lauren skirt, $25 (get the look) - Wanted boots, $30 (get the look)
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