Monday, January 23, 2012

weekend warrior: in the kitchen

Truthfully, I get very little joy out of the act of cooking.  I'm okay for a little bit, but then, I just get bored and find myself stuck in the kitchen until the job is done.  All that said, I do like having food ready for the rest of the week.  Not only does it make it less stressful choosing what to eat for the remainder of the week (saving lots of time in the process), but I'm much more likely to make healthy choices.  So, I spent a large part of Sunday afternoon in the kitchen.  Now, I get to reap the benefits.

Since I still had soup on hand from last weekend (soup is one thing that I actually do enjoy cooking!), I focussed on cooking a few items that would offer more variety.  I started by cleaning and cutting lots of lettuce and veggie for easy on-the-go salads.  Then, I roasted some brussel sprouts and cauliflower - my faves!  After that, I moved on to some actual cooking, starting with these stuffed peppers:


Ingredients: Red peppers stuffed with a mixture of Boca crumbles, black quinoa, egg, tomatoes, cheese and spices.  Of course, I didn't use a recipe, so  I was thrilled when they turned out so delicious!

With all those prepared veggie dishes, it was time for a little dessert, which meant a little more experimenting.  I took a store bought pie crust and a few apples and turned them into these:

pie 1
pie 2
pie 3

I don't know about you, but I like to keep my treats as pre-portioned as possible.  That way, a bad day isn't as likely to get the best of my mid-section.  This was so easy!  I love pie.  More specifically, I love pie crust!  I unrolled the store bought dough (I used an all-natural brand called Immaculate) and used a small Tupperware container to cut out small circles (a cookie cutter would have been more appropriate).  I placed the cirlces in a muffin tin, molding them to the inside of each hole.  I threw some cubed apple in each, topped them with cinnamon and sugar (I used raisins to denote mine, which I replaced sugar with stevia) and finished each with a few strips of leftover crust.  I cooked them according to the pie crust instructions and voila!  Perfect mini pies - delish!
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