Wednesday, February 15, 2012

8 minutes

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My procrastination got the best of me this morning, and I managed to leave myself with exactly 8 minutes to get ready.  We're talking face-washing, teethbrushing, hair, make-up, get dressed - the whole shebang.  Eight minutes.

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2-15-12 4

And I did it!  BOOM!  I had a little help from some early morning inspiration and a recent arrival from the Delightful Dozen.  This pretty tie-neck blouse is my first piece from the DD.  You can see how it's original owner Jessie and fellow DD'r Terra worked it here.  I love the print and have a well-documented affinity for tie-neck blouses in general, so I didn't wait long before styling it up.  I'm having some mixed emotions with these pants.  I felt much taller, longer and leaner in real life, and they are so, SO comfy.  Unfortunately, the camera doesn't seem to like them.  Taking pictures directly after ingesting an omelet, toast, fruit and no less than a liter of coffee probably didn't help.

2-15-12 5
TJ Maxx jacket, $25 - INC pants, $40 and altered (get the look) - Target booties, $15 (get the look)
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