Wednesday, February 1, 2012


1-25-12 1

Aaaaand I'm back!  Well, briefly.  It's been a long day, and I'm heading out the door for derby practice.  I'm getting a backlog of outfits, so a good ole' daily wear post was in order.

This dress is another that will be headed out to the Delightful Dozen, so I wanted to style it one last time.  This week will be filled with lots of tunics/dresses over flares.  I'm just gravitating towards looks like this lately.  It's comfy!  And if it were actually cold outside (hello, 60 degrees in January!), it would certainly be keeping me warm.

And lest you think I'm insane ... or an extra in Superman ... I am pointing at a helicopter or two that were circling campus last week.

1-25-12 2
1-25-12 3
Tucker for Target dress, $27 (the real deal! - that most likely will not do the static cling ALL THE LIVE LONG DAY!)
Target flares, $20 (get them here) - BC booties, $68 (get them here)

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