Wednesday, February 8, 2012

hound dog

2-7-12 1

Houndstooth is a glorious fabric.  Turns out, when cut on the bias, it makes your bum look deliciously perky and round and camaflauges any unsightly VPL's.  There's gotta be some kind of award for this!

2-7-12 2
2-7-12 3
2-7-12 4

These are two fairly recent purchases from the newly re-structured JCPenney.  The story of this skirt is probably the exact reason why they've chosen to redo their pricing strategy.  Not only would I never pay full price for it (which I'm sure was an absurd number to begin with), but I even refused to bite a few weeks ago when it originally hit the clearance rack.  Clearance with no additional discount?  What kind of a fool do you think I am?  Apparently, the kind of fool who later scores that rear-enhancing-line-smoothing-fake-award-winning skirt for a mere $9.  Yeah, that fool.

2-7-12 5
Arden B for JCPenney bomber, $20, reg. $119! (get the look) - Loft t-shirt, $6
JCPenney skirt, $9 (get the look) - BC booties, $68 (get them here)
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