Friday, February 24, 2012

rain drops and leopard spots

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I love Fridays.  I mean, I really LOVE Fridays!  They are always busy, but they always begin with a nice long run and breakfast with my sweetheart.  What better way to start a day?  And getting dressed with no work-mandated limitations is just the cherry on top!

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In a moment of wishful thinking, I took my broken booties to the cobbler today to see if there was anything that could be done to salvage them.  It cost me 15 cents to get 12 minutes in the parking meter and only took about 3 seconds for the nice miracle (shoe)worker to say, "Nope.  They're done."  Sad day.  Luckily, I had a new pair of shoes waiting for me at the post office AND a new pair of sunnies waiting for me at John's store.  I told you I love Fridays!

The point of that little diatribe?  It was all to say that I was very sad to not have my booties to pair with these pants this morning, since I so loved how they looked last time.  But I will say, these Target replacements did the job pretty well - just not quite as comfy.  Though, I sure do like that little sliver of ankle peeking out!

Have a great weekend - and stay dry!

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Hooded sweater via BonTon, $7 (get the look)
Vintage pants used to be a jumpsuit, $20 (get the look)
Target ankle boots, $17 (get the look)
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