Monday, February 6, 2012

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Woah, radio silence!  I didn't expect that.  It's just been a busy week.  All good stuff, though!

For as long as I can remember, I've always loved to plan a new, exciting outfit for special days.  Notice, I didn't say special events - those are few and far between.  But special days - they can come along anytime!  Last week, I had the opportunity to have coffee with a mentor of sorts.  It involved a little travel and day spent out of the ordinary, so it just felt right to save a special outfit for such an exciting day.  A few weeks ago, I was feeling a little blue.  Which, of course, required a trip to the mall.  Which, in turn, landed me in the middle of many glorious end-of-season sales.  Which resulted in many fruits of what started as my typical mid-season funk.  Behold...

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This outfit not only made me feel like a million bucks, but it was so, so comfortable.  Since I put in a good 12-hour day, comfort was crucial.  If you don't own a pair of thick, ponte knit pants, you should get on that.  Like, stat.  These babies boast a high waist, soft (yet thick and sturdy) knit and create a leg line as close to a tall drink of water as this shorty's ever going to get!  Macy's carries a huge selection of styles, but not all of them were on sale.  In fact, I really wanted a pair of flares, but refused to pay the non-sale price of $70 for them.  So, I grabbed this once wide leg version off the clearance rack, and worked a little tailoring magic to get the exact look I wanted from the get go.
For nearly half the price!

Pays to have standards, ladies.  And a sewing machine.

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Target jacket (old), $7.50 (get the look) - Macy's Alfani sweater, $17 (get it here) - Macy's INC pants, $40 (get the look)
Jeffrey Campbell shoes, free with credit from Gilt Group (get the look)
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