Monday, March 26, 2012

blogger woes and jumpsuit love

3-21-12 1

Few things are more frustrating than wearing a fabulous outfit that makes me feel unstoppable, and then photographing it to end up with a perfectly crisp background and a blurry outfit.  Maybe it's time to re-invest in another remote for my camera.  At least the background is filled with super pretty, bright yellow landscaping goodness.  That's the technical term, right Jentine?

3-21-12 2
3-21-12 3

Either way, this jumpsuit is fantastic.  Like, I'm floating on clouds when I wear it fantastic.  I can't imagine a better way to usher in spring than with a little head to toe cobalt blue action.  Have I officially annoyed you with my overzealous jumsuit love, yet?  Sorry ...

P.S.  This jumpsuit is fantastic.

3-21-12 4
Striped knit blazer via TJMaxx, $20 (get the look)
ASOS jumpsuit, $40 (get it here)
Earthies Positano sandals c/o Stella Says Go (get them here)
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  1. You look gorgeous! Love each piece individually, as well as together. The jumpsuit makes you look super tall!



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