Thursday, March 8, 2012

product review: sunglasses from

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I was so pumped when offered me a pair of sunglasses for review.  Not only is their site stocked full of amazing designer shades, but they even have a prescription lens service!  I've been wearing prescription glasses for over a year now and desperately needed a pair of prescription sunglasses ... you know, so I could see while driving and all.

The RayBan section offers a huge selection of styles from traditional wayfarers to larger frames like these.  I've always gotten more use out of my larger shades than any others, so I figured I'd stay with what I know.  After having them for a couple of weeks, I couldn't really ask for much more.  It's so nice to have sun protection and clear eyesight while driving!  Haha!

One thing in particular that I look for in sunglasses is a comfortable fit behind the ears.  Anything that applies the slightest bit of pressure gives me an instant headache and are pretty much unwearable.  These are lightweight and incredibly comfortable.  The only drawback I've noticed - and this may be universal to all prescription sunglasses and I'm just learning - is that there is a little rainbow effect when I try reading my iPhone.

All in all, the service was great and the product is exactly what I wanted.  Thanks again, ShadesDaddy!

In case you didn't catch on, supplied the sunglasses for this review.  I provided everything else.

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