Monday, March 19, 2012

ramblings of a monday afternoon

Even my latte is happy!
A sure sign of productivity!

Here's to a beautiful Monday afternoon!

one:: Iggy finally got his hair cut on Friday.  He went about 8 weeks, which is WAY longer than we go in between grooming appointments.  Just like his mama, he was soooo excited to get to the groomer and has a lot more spring in his step with his new 'do.  I think he really felt down in the dumps when he was getting shaggy.  Is it possible for dogs to develop low self-esteem from a bad hair day or two?

two:: As you know, the Texas weather was super stinky when I was there.  Since I've been back, PA has been experiencing the most amazing spring/early summer weather!  It's completely bizarre and 100% awesome.  I'll take two rainy days in Texas for two weeks of this weather any day!

three::  I may have gotten a new pair of glasses today.  And by "may have," I mean I absolutely got a new pair of glasses today.  In case you're keeping score, this is pair number five since last January.  When I ordered them, John asked, "Do you really need a new pair of glasses?"  To which I responded, "Do you really want to have this conversation?"  Thus, ending the discussion.  In my defense, I have not spent more than $90 on a single pair, and as far as I'm concerned, they're like shoes for my face - I wear them every day, you can never have too many pairs, and they can totally make an outfit!  So, there.

four::  I had another one of those super productive weekends.  It makes the week so much easier to deal with!  With early spring, comes early spring cleaning.  For the first time in history, my suitcase was unpacked and put away within a week of returning from my trip.  Is it possible that I'm finally growing up?!

five::  Austin has me on a complete Mexican food kick now.  It's just sooooo good!  In addition to queso (yum!), I also discovered migas (the Tex-Mex variety) for the first time while in Austin.  Um, can we say delicious?  Upon returning home, I immediately ran out and bought the ingredients to recreate them for myself.  I think that just may be my dinner tonight!

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