Monday, March 5, 2012

storm before the calm

3-4-12 1

Oy, vey!  I'm so beyond thrilled to be leaving for the Texas Style Council Conference on the Thursday, but the week before traveling leaves me an axious mess!  I'm trying to tie up loose ends and incomplete projects, so that I can throroughly enjoy my time away and not come back to a heap of work when I return.  With lists coming out my ears, I think I just may get everything accomplished and properly packed.  Oh, the packing.  Normally, I run out of time before traveling and inevitably end up tossing whatever is clean into a suitcase and calling it a day.  Not so much for this trip, though.  Lord knows, I've been planning my outfits for weeks!  (Don't judge.)  It's a good sign, though, when you go to the mall for 3 very specific items and find all 3 in the first 2 stores.  Yay!  Go me!

3-4-12 2
3-4-12 4
3-4-12 3

I wore this outfit on Friday and loved it so much that I may have worn it again on Sunday.  Again, no judging!  It's just too, too easy to wear and let's face it, the other option was sweats.

3-4-12 5
Macy's tunic, $17 (get the look) - Gap jeans, $40ish (get the look)
Calvin Klein Jeans shoes from Stella Says Go (get them here) - JCP jacket, $20 - a steal! (get the look)
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