Tuesday, March 6, 2012

test drive

3-6-12 1
3-6-12 2

I pinned this look the other day and thought it would be a fun outfit to try out.  It was easy to throw on after an afternoon run fora couple of quick errands.  I actually kind of like it quite a bit - all except that nagging my-pants-are-falling-off sensation.  That and the occasional flashback to 8th grade.  Yikes.

3-6-12 3
3-6-12 4

These shoes are superheroes.  No joke.  They could save the world ... from blisters and sore feet that is.  I will, no doubt, be wearing these for about 4 solid months once the warm weather rolls around.  And speaking of weather, I'm a bit miffed with this weekend's forecast in Austin - it just doesn't seem fair.  I'm still holding out hope for some sunshine, though!

In other news, I love how Iggy looks like he's shaking his face off in that third picture!

3-6-12 5
3-6-12 6
Thrifted sweater, $3 (get the look - such a deal!) - TJMaxx overalls, $15 (get the look)
Caren by Calvin Klein Jeans from Stella Says Go (get them here)
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