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texas style council conference

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I can barely put into words how lucky I feel to have experienced not once, but twice, something as incredible as the Texas Style Council Conference.  For starters, I simply love Austin, TX with every fiber of my being.  For a city that I've spent merely 15 days of my life in, I can't help feeling like it's the mother ship calling me home.  It's just me through and through.

Unlike last year, I took extra special care of myself leading up to the conference, so as not to get sick like last year.  Anyone remember the sexy phlegm voice I had going on?  It was awful.  But worse than just feeling miserable was that my mind was so clogged I couldn't fully focus on anything or take in the experience of meeting everyone.  No way in hell I was letting that happen again!

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Indiana asked me to join a panel for this year's conference back in January.  I immediately said yes, but later rescinded after looking at the astronomical price of plane tickets out of my small town.  Luckily, Indiana didn't let that be the final answer and encouraged me to just hold out, knowing that something would come along.  And that it did.

Elissa graciously offered me a place to stay in her swanky hotel room, and then, I discovered some travel points on a rarely used credit card.  And then, the impossible happened.  The most beautiful Austin-based shoe store Stella Says Go offered to sponsor my travel.  Holy cow.  Can I just say that I never in a million years saw that one coming?!  I was thrilled beyond belief to have the opportunity to participate in such a unique event with so many other creative and talented individuals whom I respect and adore.

Even more, once I arrive and met the ladies from Stella Says Go, I was blown away.  They were the nicest, most down to earth people, and every minute I got to spend getting to know them and their business was nothing short of perfect.  Then, there were the bloggers.  Oh, were there bloggers.  I met so. many. people.  The nice thing about going two years in a row is that I was able to reconnect with those I met last year and then add on a whole new batch of friends this year.

Can you understand what I mean when I say I was vibrating at a very high frequency all weekend?  And that I felt like I was among "my people"?  And that after a bit of a dry spell, my cup is finally full?  Yeah, it was that kind of weekend.

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Postiano by Earthies shoes c/o Stella Says Go - Vintage Dress c/o The Rag and Bone
Thanks to Natalie of Stella Says Go for taking my photos! 
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