Thursday, March 15, 2012

what's the name of that dress?

3-13-12 1

What is the name of a dress like this?  It's a vintage Asian-inspired tunic dress with slits on both sides and lots of embroidery around the edges.  What would you call it?

3-13-12 2
3-13-12 3
3-13-12 4

Moving on ...

In case you haven't noticed, I chopped off my hair.  Eep!  I also lightened it a bit, but it's pretty subtle.  On this particular day, I did not a thing to it.  Just threw a little curl cream in it after a shower and let it do it's thing naturally.  And it was windy, so it got pretty messy.  And yet, I still like it.

Much like most of the states at the moment, we are having the most amazing spring weather.  How is it that something as trivial as temperature can make me feel so much like myself?  Dress, jacket, shoes - DONE!  Can I please wear this every day of my life?  I love dressing this time of year.  Now, I'm just crossing my fingers that it sticks around!

I'm still working on my Texas Style Council post.  I just didn't have the energy and clarity to put it together this morning before I jet out the door for a long day.  So, stop my tomorrow and read all about!  The short story?  It was awesome.

3-13-12 5
Vintage Dress via The Rag and Bone, $20 (get the look) - Jacket from Ross, $9 and old! (get the look)
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