Sunday, April 29, 2012

31 (blogging) days of may

I've mentioned a couple of times over the last week or so about a blogging challenge I'd be doing in May.  Well, with May approximately 30 hours away, here you go!

 Please consider blogging along with me this month.  For me, this schedule is about committing to a challenge and widening my blogging scope.  I'm excited about having a writing schedule for the next 31 days to motivate me to post.  I'm also looking forward to spreading my wings and posting lots of new content and even creating a new series!

I have no expectation of perfection here (and neither should you!).  I fully intend to post every single one of these posts, but I'm sure there will be a day or two that's bound to be missed.  And that's okay.  This is not about stressing out.  It's about learning.  I'm hoping this will help me develop better planning skills, so that I can prepare posts ahead of time, allowing me more time to fully explore the topic and more overall enjoyment from blogging.

So, please - think about participating.  If you do, I encourage you to share your posts on Twitter, using the hashtag #31bloggingdays.  Feel free to tag @bluecollarkyla, so that I can read what you have to say!

Stay tuned tomorrow for a more detailed explanation of each post.
Good luck!  And HAVE FUN!
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