Wednesday, April 4, 2012

forever and ever

4-3-12 1
4-3-12 2

I want to wear this every day.  Every.  Single.  Day.  Forever and ever.
That's how in love I am with this outfit.

I realize the implied superficiality of that statement, but I think we all know that loving an outfit is about so much for than the clothes.

4-3-12 3
4-3-12 4

In this case, it's about the serendipity.  How perfectly does this jacket from the juniors section at Macy's go with this vintage dress that's probably older than I am?  Not to mention how these shoes from last year's clearance sales make for such an ideal completer!  None of these items were bought with the intention of going together, yet their mere proximity in my closet made them soulmates.

It's also about the details.  I love how perfectly the cream in the jacket matches the cream in the dress.  And how perfectly the striped ribbing on the collar plays with the stripes on the dress' neckline.  And how the diamond shape on the top of the sandals echos the diamonds in the skirt's fabric.  And surprising no one, I'm sure - my lipstick is a perfect match!

With all that perfection, I was feeling on top of the world!

I'm such a nerd, I know, but sometimes it's the little things in life.  Am I right?

4-3-12 5
4-3-12 6
Vintage dress via The Rag and Bone, $40 (get the look)
Jacket via Macy's, $25 (get the look)
Aerosoles BlackJack shoes, $30 (get them)
Simply Vera satchel (old), $30 (I wish!)
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