Wednesday, April 18, 2012

guy candy

4-18-12 1

It goes without saying that I'm completely obsessed with my new shoes.  People, I am thisclose to cuddling up with them at night I love them so much.  I probably would if John wasn't the jealous type...

However, I honestly thought that others would think they were hideous.  Which is totally okay ... I mean, it's kinda my thing.  I certainly did not expect so many guys to like them as much as they do.

4-18-12 2 4-18-12 3 4-18-12 4

It's pretty funny actually.  On Monday, a random guy who works in one of my meeting building stopped to say how cool they are and the same thing happened again today with another work buddy.  Are they just that mesmorizing?  Haha.

Okay, I promise to stop talking about my shoes ... starting tomorrow.  Until then, I want to get about 10 more pairs and paint them pretty colors...

4-18-12 5
Top via Ross, $12 (get the look)
Thrifted t-shirt, $2 (get the look)
JCP jeans, $10 (get the look)
Michael Antonio Alure wedges, $60 (get your own!)
Stella and Dot earrings from Rebekah
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