Monday, April 16, 2012

last week

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Last week required some retail therapy.  Nothing too crazy, but just enough to take the edge off.  It's a new season, after all, so I'm ready to spruce things up a bit.  I'm also a little sick of the cooler, dismal spring days (today excluded), so some new duds are just what the doctor ordered (okay, not really - but a little self-medicating never hurts).

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I've always been a fan of JCPenney.  With not too many options in a small town, I've always found great basics with a more grown-up design on a very reasonable budget.  Now that they've re-structured their pricing, it's even better.  I always luck out a pick up the month-long special (and by always, I mean twice), which has resulted in the awesome moment when you get to the register and everything rings up for less than you anticipated.  Love!  I bought 4 items the other day and 3 of them rang up less than I thought - including this clearnace jacket which was down to $10.  It's the perfect lightwweight cotton jacket to usher me through the last few weeks of that cool, dismal spring weather.  I especially loved it thrown over this over-sized silk shirt.

I only wish I hadn't run out of time to do my hair :)

4-12-12 5
JCP jacket, $10 (get the look)
vintage striped silk blouse, $5 (get the look)
INC ponte knit pants via Macy's - so comfortable for cool days, $40 (get the look)
BC booties - replacements from the company for my broken clog booties (get them here)
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