Tuesday, April 17, 2012

may luck be eva in your favor

4-16-12 1

Ahhhhh!  These are hands down the most awesome-bomb shoes I have ever owned!  I can't tell you how much I love them.  Yesterday was their big debut, and I was on cloud nine all day.  Do new shoes send anyone else into a euphoric tizzy or is it just me?  It's sad, really.

4-16-12 2 4-16-12 3 4-16-12 4

Of all the strange things I've worn in my life, I don't think anything has ever elicited as much conversation as these babies.  SO many people complimented them.  And I think they were genuine compliments and not just awkward omg-I-have-to-say-something comments.  But the best quote of the day (quite possibly the best. comment. ever.) came from my little brother on Facebook:
"Whoa. In the world of hunger games those would be worn in the Capital most likely by a member of katniss' prep team :) "

Oh, touche, little brother.  Oh, touche.

4-16-12 5
 Old shirt dressed DIY cropped, originally bought for $10 (get the look)
Target skirt, $12 (get the look)
Most amazeballs shoes EVER!, $60 (get your own!)

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