Tuesday, April 10, 2012

perrenial favorite: vintage skirt

Each year when I unpack my seasonal clothing, there's a lot of editing.  There's are always several items that I deem "so five minutes ago" and cast to the Goodwill box in a heartbeat.  Then, there's the items that I may or may not wear this year, so I'll wait until the end of the season to get rid of them.  Then, there's the pieces that make me stop and smile the minute they're unearthed.  The pieces that are truly special and will surely stand the test of time.  These pieces remind me of the importance of shopping with intention, because the more I wear a piece, the better value it holds.

This vintage skirt is one of those pieces.  I wore it a handful of times last summer and have already worn it twice this spring.  It's easily one of my most favorite pieces!

What items will you be remixing this spring?

3-26-12 3
March 2012

TXSC posh outfit 
 March 2012 at the TXSC Posh Party with Juanette and Sarah - I really must wear this outfit again and post a photo.  It was awesome! (Photo c/o Reiko)

7-19-11 3
July 2011

6-14-11 7
June 2011

6-8-11 4
June 2011

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