Monday, April 16, 2012

ramblings of a monday morning

These are happening right now.  Boss.

one::  It's gonna be a hot one today, folks!  Out of nowhere, we're getting hit with 85° and humdity.  This morning's run was quite a shock to the system, but it was followed by the best feeling in the whole entire world:  post-run, post-shower, clean, wet hair on a warm morning with the car windows down.  A feeling only to be trumped by post-run, post-shower, clean, wet hair while napping on clean sheets on a warm afternoon with the house windows open and a slight breeze.  Haha.  Oh, I can't wait for summer!

two::  We went mattress shopping this weekend.  So adult, I know.  While we desperately need a new mattress, shopping for one is such a pain.  It's nearly impossible to find good reviews and to know what is what and what you should be paying ... gah!  So, we went to Best Buy, and John bought an iPad.  So adult, I know.  And now I'm really jealous.  And still have a crappy mattress.

three::  These shoes are happening right now.  And they are super boss.

four::  I've got an idea ...  I'm thinking about doing a huge 31-day blog-building project for May.  Would anyone be interested in joining me?  Deets to come.

five::  Who lives in Jersey?!  I'll be in Skyland on Saturday for a derby bout and YOU SHOULD COME!  It's a double-header, so you'll see 4 teams battle it out in 2 bouts.  Seriously, what could be more fun than 2 SOLID hours of roller derby on Saturday night?!  Drop me a line for more information.

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