Wednesday, April 11, 2012

team pride

4-9-12 1

To be added to the list of ways to pull yourself out of a funk:
1. Red lipstick
2. Derby pride

4-9-12 2 4-9-12 3 4-9-12 4

Because I'm such an uber-geek, I couldn't wait to wear my new season tank on Monday.  The artwork is SO COOL and 100% created by our league.  Love it!

That evening, I had a meeting before practice, so I ditched the jeans for a black pencil skirt and ankle booties with just a touch of mustard tights peeking through.  Then, transformation #3 happened when I got to practice and ditched the skirt in lieu of booty shorts.  How's that for some remixing?!

4-9-12 5

Jacket via Macy's, $25 (get the look)
Gap jeans, $30 (get the look)
SCAR Derby season t-shirt

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