Wednesday, May 2, 2012

day 2: clothing and body type

I used to think of myself as an hourglass.  At one time, that was probably true.  Then, a reader pointed out that I am more of a pear shape.  Huh.  I suppose that may be closer to accurate these days.  Maybe?  I don't know.  I still get a little confused.  Do broad shoulders count for anything?  Is there such a thing as a squished pear?  Or is that a different fruit?

Is it really reasonable to describe your body type in fruits and common objects?  Is it really that simple?  We are all so different.  I'm not a fan of labels in general and labels for body shapes are no different.  As soon as we start labeling ourselves, we start putting ourselves in boxes.  Laying down boundaries.  Composing our personal list of wardrobe "don'ts."  I'm about as fond of boxes, boundaries and "don'ts" as I am labels.

So, how can you look your best in clothing without defining your body type?  For me, it's simple and boils down to one question:  How do I feel in my clothing?  Regardless of the shape, if I feel good in something, then my confidence is going to pull it off.  And when I feel great in my clothes, I do great in my day's work.

What makes me feel good in my clothes?  For starters, they have to be comfortable.  Not necessarily yoga pants comfortable, but pretty darn close.  If I'm wearing something that digs, cut or constantly shifts, then I'm never going to get comfortable.  And if I'm constantly worrying about my clothes, than I'm completely incapable of focussing on my tasks at hand.  Furthermore, if it's not hitting my body in the right places, than it's most likely not my best shape.  It comes down to the old saying, "You should be wearing your clothes.  Your clothes shouldn't be wearing you."

While I will never write off any trend or shape based on my body type, I will always be ever-aware of how I feel in something.  Even when working with clients, I will always ask, "How do you feel?"  Because regardless of how it looks, if it doesn't feel comfortable or makes them self-conscious, it's just not going to work.

I realize there's a lot of ambiguity surrounding my simple summation of dressing your body type, but every great style starts with a healthy dose of confidence.  And everything else is just fine tuning.


Here's a round-up of the looks that made me feel my best:
This could seriously go on and on ... which I think is a great sign that I'm paying attention to how my clothing feels and dressing to suit!  Sure there are lots of outfits that I didn't feel 100% my best in, but just as I like to focus on the best parts of body, I'll focus on my best-feeling looks!
4-19-12 4 4-16-12 3 4-13-12 1 4-3-12 1 3-11-12 3 3-13-12 3 3-4-12 3

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