Monday, May 7, 2012

day 6: new series, comfort is key

I really try to make it a mission of my personal style and this blog to focus on realistic, accessible fashion.  I wear so many hats on any given day that my clothing needs to be comfortable, utilitarian and most importantly, not in my way.  So, in the spirit of #31bloggingdays, I've decided to take Sundays (or Monday when I'm slacking) to showcase some of my most comfortable wardrobe workhorses.

Holy versatility, Batman!  I've been wearing this particular jacket for well over 2 years now.  It's my go to completer piece.  What makes it so comfy?  Well...

1.  It's knit and super stretchy, which means it moves with me, is never constricting and requires no muss or fuss throughout the day.

2. It's lightweight, so it's the perfect extra layer in cooler months and the perfect topper to ward off the cool nights and A/C in the warmer months.

3.  It's cropped and fitted, so I won't loose my shape under it, and it makes me feel great!

Here's a few ways I've worn it just in the last couple of months:

3-27-12 4 3-18-12 3 3-14-12 5 3-11-12 4 3-13-12 2

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