Monday, May 7, 2012

day 7: ramblings of a weekend recap

 Yay for Monday...

one::  Once again, this week's forecast is lookin' super crappy.  Not to be dramatic or anything, BUT OMG THIS RAIN IS KIIIIIIILLLLLLLING ME!!!!!


two::  Did you know that this past Saturday was Free Comic Book Day?  Yay!  Free comics!  For us, that means several weeks of stressing and prep and then one really long day spent coralling customers and giving out thousands of free books.  Yes, thousands.  It's a really fun day, and once again, the store had it's best day to date.  Can't beat that!  (A HUGE shout-out to all our friends who helped make the day a true success!)

three::  Have I mentioned that I'm training for a half marathon?  I've finally forgotten how painful the first one was and have signed up for a second.  I even recruited a friend to do it with me.  It's not only her first half, but her first race ever!  I can't wait!  Race day is exactly 2 weeks from yesterday.  Ack, the nerves!

four::  I'm jonesin' for a haircut.  I've been pinning the hairspiration like crazy and think I may have to actually hide my scissors to keep from attacking it myself.  Between the crappy weather and other life uncertainties, I'm just looking for some positive change that I'm completely in control of.  Totally normal, right?

five::  I can't tell you guys how happy it makes me to see so many #31bloggingdays posts!  Although I missed yesterday's post and posted Saturday's a day late, I'm going to get caught up today (and I've learned a little about the importance of planning ahead).  Dabbling in different content is proving to be incredibly gratifying!  Are you participating?  If not, feel free to jump in anytime!  Check out the official calendar to get started!  If you've made it through the first week, email me your favorite post!  I'll be doing a little mid-challenge wrap-up this week.

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