Tuesday, May 8, 2012

day 8: blogger challenge #ebew

5-8-12 1

Today's #ebew challenge was nautical.  Seems fitting for the amount of water outside today.  Seriously, this rain has got to stop.

Traditionally, nautical implies red, white and blue and lots of stripes.  I wasn't really feeling that kind of nautical today, so I took a much more open approach to the look.

5-8-12 2 5-8-12 3 5-8-12 4 5-8-12 5

I focused more on the clean, bold lines of traditional nautical with a color pallette that I would atttribute more to a recreational boatsman.  I thought more in terms of light fabrics, light colors, bold yellow, khakis and one bold stripe in the form of a white belt.  And if that wasn't clear enough, I added a sweet pair of anchor earrings for good measure!

5-8-12 6
JCP grey blazer (get the look)
Target tank, $7 (get the look)
JCP pants, $22 (get the look)
Aerosoles Blackjack sandals, $30 (get the look or here)
TJMaxx bag, $35 (get the look - I WISH!)
Revlon Fire and Ice lipstick (for those of you who have asked!)

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