Tuesday, May 15, 2012

pajama chic

5-10-12 1

Haha.  I totally made John use the words "pajama chic" when he told me that I looked nice.  Yes, I find really stupid things quite amusing.

Either way, I did feel like I looked rather nice, and I was essentially wearing fancy pajamas.  Having seen it pop up everywhere, I've been loving the PJ trend.  I just hadn't found a way to work it into my own style.

5-10-12 2 5-10-12 3 5-10-12 4

The combination of the sheer shirt, subtle piping and wide-leg pants hit the perfect note for not only my style, but also my body type.  This is why you never get rid of polka dot pants that cost you 30¢ - you just never know when they may come in handy!

5-10-12 5
JCPenney shirt, $8 (get the look)
Thrifted pants, 30¢ (get the look)
Aerosole blackjack heels, $30 (get the look)
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