Tuesday, May 22, 2012

tartan and leopard

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Last week, Amanda sent me a Tweet with this picture.  She said that they outfit reminded her of me and suggested that I recreate it.  She really hit the nail on the head, because I fell in love with the look.  So much so that I bought my first pair of heels in the last 3 years!

5-21-12 3 5-21-12 4

For the first time since I swore off stilettos, I've really been craving leaopard pumps lately.  Unfortunately, I super high heel is just not going to happen for me.  As I was looking through some random links, I came accross these.  They are perfect!  The print and pointed toe are just what I wanted and the reasonable 2" heel makes them completely wearable - even the day after running my half!  Crazy, I know - but I just couldn't wait!

5-21-12 5 5-21-12 6

Macy's jacket, $25 (get the look)
Target tank, $8 (get the look)
Thrifted and deconstructed men's jeans, $4 (get the look)
Seychelles Accent pumps, $60 (get your own)
Thrifted Baekgaard tote, $6 (get the look)

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