Wednesday, May 23, 2012

un-color blocked

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Love this outfit, you guys.  LOVE!  It makes me feel way more modern, cool and minimalist than I actually am.  The perfect completer was my new 'do from the one and only Mel of Portfolio Salon.  Now, I just need it to grow in a bit.  Not becuase I want it longer, but it just always takes me a few days to really get a hold on a new hairstyle.  I do love me some change, though.  That's the one thing I really like about having short hair.  My hair grows so fast that I can literally change the style every couple of months.

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I'm also a big fan of these shoes.  They're like magical leg extenders!  And I just happen to LOVE magical leg extenders.  I've been jonesing for a pair of nude shoes for a while now, so these fit a unique place in my wardrobe.  And of course, they're super walkable!

A couple of weeks ago, I returned a blazer to JCPenney's and was issued store credit, since I didn't have my receipt.  The woman who helped me even gave me store credit in an amount $10 more than I paid for the jacket.  I was honest and told her that was too much.  She was confused and didn't know how to change it.  So, lucky girl I am.  I'm a pretty loyal JCPenney shopper - mostly because it's one of the only decent stores around here and their clothes usually fit me well.  Lately, I've been even more of a fan since they've restructured their pricing.  If you haven't shopped there in a while, I would definitely encourage you to check it out.

Alright, that's enough free gushing.  On to my coffee and tart.
(Next time, I'll tell you more about how difficult these pants are to wear, but how I love them so.  And how in these pictures, they are actually safety-pinned at the waist grade-school style.  Always classy.)

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JCPenney top, $18 (get it here)
ASOS pants, $20 (get the look)
JCPenney shoes, $25 (get your own)
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