Monday, May 7, 2012

vintage playsuit with a far east twist

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One should always make friends with your local vintage shop owner.  Not only is she a great gal, but she also lets you have a sneak peek at all the new goodies for the season.  And then you get first dibs on amazing pieces like this asian-inspired romper.

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I'm pretty sure I gasped when I first saw it, and then was way too excited when it fit like a glove. (Can we just take a momen to thank the wonder that is a butt gusset? Seriously, why don't more clothing makers utilize them?!)  I've been waiting for a good hot day to debut it, and Friday was just that.  Unfortunately, all that humidity did cause a bit of a wrinkling issue, but life goes on.

The addition of the funky shoes made for a really bold look, but I love how it keeps the look feeling modern and not too vintagey.  It's the best of both worlds, really.

5-4-12 5
Vintage romper via The Rag and Bone (get the look here or here)
Michael Antonio shoes, $60 (get your own!)

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