Friday, July 6, 2012

all in a holiday

7-4-12 1
parade 1
A bunch of kids at heart - just look at those smiles!

Talk about an all-American day: stripes, denim, parades, brunch, roller derby, grilling and Channing Tatum's nudey booty!  I vote that every Wednesday is a holiday!

parade 2
Rolling backwards to a stop.
7-4-12 3
My nerdy salute...
7-4-12 2 7-4-12 4

We started with a hearty breakfast at our favorite pancake joint, then went off to the parade.  I had the brilliant plan to not only skate in the parade, but to skate to the parade.  It was hot.  And either way uphill or way downhill.  But I survived!

After the parade, we cooked out with some friends, and went off to see The Rise and Fall of Channing Tatum's Sweet Bum Magic Mike.  Talk about fireworks.


Hope you had a wonderful holiday - now, go enjoy the weekend!

parade 3 7-4-12 5
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