Thursday, July 19, 2012

headscarf and palazzos

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Is there such thing as gypsy chic?  There should be.

The temperatures are scorching this week, so these pants felt like a dream.  So lightweight and airy!  I'm certainly no stranger to the flowing wide legs of palazzos and my undying love won't be fizzling out anytime soon.  It's even pushed me to buy a pair of Target pants.

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Since my hair isn't quite long enough to pull back, I've been looking for a way to keep it off my neck and out of my face on hot days like these.  I feel like I go through phases with headscarves, and well, let's just call this the start of a new phase.  I especially love the look paired with some funky specs.

And completely unrelated, but totally awesome:
I'm trying a new lip product.  Apparently, I'm a sucker to advertising, because I pretty much ran out and got this upon seeing it in a print ad for the first time. 
It's Maybelline Super Stay Stain Gloss and it's amazing.  So light, yet so much color.  And it stays put.  Check it out! (No, I'm not being paid - I just like it.)

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Loft tee, $6 (Get the look!)
Target pants, $20 (Get your own!)
CK Jeans platforms, $45 (Get your own!)
Vintage headscarf
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