Friday, August 3, 2012

big blue

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It seems I've got a new infatuation with adult onesies jumpsuits.  I'm even wearing one as I type this.  Other recent infatuations: olives and feta.  Two things that two months ago, I would have sworn to you that I would never eat.  Never say never, my friends.  Not when it comes to olives and cheese that smells like feet, anyway.  And jumpsuits.  Obviously.

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This big blue jumpsuit is such a piece of cake to wear (I almost typed "to eat."  Why, yes, a piece of cake sounds very delicious, thank you).  Anyway, it's a one-two-three-and-go kind of combo: jumpsuit, tank, shoes ... and GO.  If only all things in life could be reduced to three simple steps.

Also, thank goodness it's Friday.
Have a great weekend, kids!

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ASOS jumpsuit, $40ish (Get the look here and here!)
CK Jeans platforms, $45 (Get them here ON SALE!)
Baubly neckle from Macy's clearance (Get the look!)

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