Wednesday, August 29, 2012

fair week

8-22-12 1 8-22-12 2

I think I wore this last Wednesday.  I think.  It's been one crazy week!

8-22-12 3 8-22-12 4 8-22-12 5

First of all, it's fair week, which means I'm spending long hours and late nights baking fresh apple and peach dumplings at the county fair.  Then, we had to get a rental car (that we hate), because our car is in the shop getting repaired from someone backing into it while it was parked at our house.  And of course, Murphy's law - as if the week wasn't crazy enough, there's been a flurry of other exciting and not so exciting life moments along the way.  I have only three words at this point ... THREE. DAY. WEEKEND.

8-22-12 6 8-22-12 7

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